هتل دیزین
هتل دیزین
هتل دیزین
هتل دیزین
هتل دیزین
هتل دیزین
هتل دیزین
هتل دیزین
هتل دیزین

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The payment for your accommodation will be made in cash upon arrival, but please make your reservation only and only if you're sure you'll stay with us on those dates.

Note: We are merely an accommodation facility and accept no responsibility regarding the ski resort or the road being closed due to bad weather conditions.

11/7/2018 8:46:58 AM

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Hans kamhoot on 1/27/2017
I am enquiring if you have a room with two beds for one week around the 25 February .. We will need to have airport to hotel shuttle. I will give you exact dates when I know you have room for my son and I . We come from South Africa. Regards Hans.

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Dear Mr. M.

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Thank you very much for you interest in our services. But the section you used to ask your question is meant only for comments and reviews. Please refer to the contact us menu on our website and ask your question there.

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