Dizin Snow

Dizin Hotel is the the sole accommodation facility that is located exactly next to Dizin Ski Resort. As the marketing manager of the hotel, I go through the silliest conversations ever to make people believe Dizin snow season offers unforgettable skiing in Iran.

-“What’s the first picture that pops up in your mind when you hear the word Iran?”

-“A big camel in the middle of a God-forsaken desert loafing around and chewing a big gum

-“Camels don’t chew gums

-“They don’t!?”

-“No! It’s weed or something they chew all the time.”

-“Cooool! You guys have so much weed that you feed it to your pets.”

-“Nooo! It’s not THAT kind of weed, and camels are not p…, listen! Do you know how to ski?

Dizin Snow

Dizin Snow Depth

That was a part of the silly Facebook chat I had last night with one of my European friends who gave me a hard time making him realize Iran and Iraq are two different countries. It’s bitter truth that Iran, this beautiful country of beautiful people, is getting the most unfair media coverage imposed upon any country in the world. Iran, this island of peace and security in the war-stricken Middle East, offers so many fascinating attractions that its great ski resorts like Dizin or its Maranjab Desert are just two items to be checked in a long list that will be far from being your bucket list. Here at the heart of Alborz Mountain Range, Dizin snow depth in winter is usually between 2 to 6 meters. And our hotel in Dizin, known by different names like Dizin hotel, Dizin hotel 1 or Dizin hotel 2, is the nearest accommodation option to the resort.

Dizin Snow

Dizin Snow Conditions and Season

Dizin snow season usually starts from Dec 15 and lasts until April 15. As for the current state on Dizin snow conditions, to get the quickest update you should contact us via What's App at 00989353836810. The fine powdery snow here is like a magnet to thousands of skiers who take several trips to Dizin every winter. Professional skiers know why the powdery snow at ski resorts is so important; it helps you maneuver smoothly and also cushions your dangerous falls. The reason behind the excellent quality of the snow here is the altitude at which the ski resort is located; Dizin is one of the highest ski resorts in the world and this high altitude has led to another fortune; Iran skiing season is quite long.

Dizin Snow

Dizin Weather and Snow Forecast

Dizin weather is perfect for skiing. It snows once or twice a week, but for the rest it's sunny and not very cold. At their lowest, the temperatures can drop to minus 15 degrees Celsius, but it happens only during the night. At their highest, the temperatures can rise to 17 degrees Celsius in the summer. To get a technical report of Dizin snow forecast, please refer to the following link.


Dizin Hotel Reservation

Dizin Snow   Dizin Snow   Dizin Snow   Dizin Snow

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